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Our team is a diverse group of passionate people who come together with the aim of impacting the quality of life of communities living in rural Africa who are excluded from access to proper education, healthcare and viable infrastructures for stable clean water and sanitation.

Our community-owned water projects:

Our water projects are coordinated by our global team and are then gifted to communities in rural Africa that are currently living in drought. We deploy your donations to the field, where we personally go-to-work to drill and build new water systems or rehabilitate and update old ones.

The communities we serve are filled with some of the most inspiring people you’d ever want to meet. Their stories of perseverance are examples for us all.


RHEA Foundation Canada is a registered Non-Profit Organization (

incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

Find us at: 319-532 Montreal Rd. Ottawa, Ontario K1K 4R4

Tanzania, Africa

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